Thinking Reactive

Understanding the big picture

The sequence

  1. 🏬 The salesman requests N cars to the assembly line.
  2. 📞 The assembly line makes a request to the store of N packages of car pieces.
  3. 📦 The store starts packaging a set of car parts.
  4. 🚚 The store delivers the package to the assembly line.
  5. 🏭 The assembly line starts building a car.
  6. 🏬🚗 The new car is sent to the concessionaire.

Timeline of events

Packaging, delivering, and building are processes that require time.
Instead of waiting for all the cars to be ready, the assembly line decides to create a contract of continuous delivery, with the concessionaire and the store.


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A few months ago, I wrote an article about fresh starts as a Senior Software Engineer. Talk is cheap. A few months have passed since I decided I was ready to work for a company again, and I want to talk about the journey.
The struggles, the learnings, the shadows and lights, and what keeps me going until I land my next dream job. Maybe, this could be useful for someone out there!

A personal choice: Starting early or No plan B

Even if the market is in a great state right now, doesn´t necessarily mean you will land your dream job on the first try. …

Top Reasons to Reject a Pull Request in Angular
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Fatigue and pressure from a close deadline are factors that can make developers inattentive to some details. When assigned as reviewers, it is important to keep in mind the final product, the client, and the future-self.

We aim for the app to be faster, and the code simpler and easy to maintain.

As a lead, while working on big projects, I personally expend a lot of my time doing code-reviews, so here goes my list!

1. Copy-pasted blocks of code

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As a self-taught developer, I own a big part of my learning to Internet resources. Since the mid-90s, I expended countless hours devouring tutorials, that helped me built awesome ideas and stay motivated.
I want to say thanks to all those Internet heroes. The passionate developers, the critical thinkers, the tech-explorers, and the learners sharing their path. Thanks to all of you who provide high-quality content that nurtures thousands of careers, including mine.

This is my humble attempt to do my bit and return some value.

The mission: To see the forest for the trees

With expertise comes the dialect, the technical speaking full of concepts that may become…

Angular — Managing UI State with async data

How do you handle user waitings? What happens when some page content fails loading?
We will review some basics from Material Design guidelines and expand the last article about Atomic Design. Take a coffee, and feel free to join!

The principles

Great designs go beyond colors, shapes, and happy paths. They handle server errors, empty states, and asynchronous content with elegance.

Even the bad scenarios are integrated as part of the show to keep the user engaged.

Material Design offers a comprehensive guide to the underlying principles of a good UI. …

Angular Clean Arquitecture

Can you read just at-a-glance what do you have in the shared module? And tell without opening other file, which components have dependencies or rely on other components?
Regardless of the answer, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee and join me in this dive in the Brad Frost atomic design!

Defining atomic design in Angular contexts

Tips for back & frontend concurrent development

You wake up at 8AM and compile the app to resume your work. Suddenly the infamous runtime error appears on screen: Can´t access property X of undefined. Yesterday the feature was stable, and you didn´t pull anything from gitlab. So… you figure out this must be something related to an API change.

Did this ever happen to you? How did it affect your app? How long did it took to track and fix the issue…?

In this first of a series of articles, I will try to focus on one simple thing: API mappers. …

Every time I move from a sector or a job, I tend to take a few months to re-think how I want to live. And when I do that, I love to write and share.

Sometimes jobs and self-expectactions can be so demanding that we tend to disregard 3 things: personal life, career planing and our need of technical grow.

For those without a job, or taking a long vacation, time is the most valuable resource you can have. And this is an opportunity to renew.
Here are some tips that I learned over the years, and I`m starting to…

Ahorra tiempo y dinero. Qué, cúando y porqué.

Si bien el state pattern no es algo nuevo, REDUX y el concepto de gestión de estado ha cogido impulso con el paso de los años, hasta el punto de que prácticamente cualquier desarrollador de los frameworks de Js modernos ha escuchado, cuanto menos, hablar de ellos.

En estos últimos años, tuve la suerte de tener como mentores a Alberto Basalo y Yago Pérez . Gracias a ellos pude conocer los sistemas de gestión de estado, desde las más básicas implementaciones de stores con RxJs, al completo pack que ofrece la librería…

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Coffee lover. Psychologist. Nerdy Front-End Developer since the 56-Kbps days. Javascript & Angular enthusiast. | Writer at Angular Playground

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